There is a season for every purpose

By Ananda Fitzsimmons

Seeds are biologically wired to have a period of dormancy. This is nature’s way of making sure seeds don’t start to grow in the wrong season. The life cycle of a plant culminates with making seeds. An embryo forms inside the seed and then the seed dehydrates. It may then fall on the ground, be blown in the wind or be eaten by a bird. But it would be a bad idea to start to grow a new plant right then, so even if there is enough water and sunlight, the seed knows it’s not time to grow.

Some seeds require a time of maturation before they produce the hormones required for germination. Some require a period of darkness or freezing before they can germinate. Some seeds have such hard coats that they need to be scratched up and knocked hard to weaken their coats. Some seeds need to have their coats weakened by digestive enzymes from the stomach of a bird or an animal. Some need to wait until the inhibitors contained on their coatings have leached away in the environment, or until they produce the hormones they need to neutralize the inhibitors.

Right now in North America, we are at the slowest point of the growing season. Many seeds are dormant, waiting for their season to come before they start to grow again. We humans are celebrating a holiday season and enjoying a little time off from work with friends and family. As we take a well-deserved break, remember that dormancy is a necessary part of the growing cycle.
We at Inocucor wish all our partners and customers a wonderful holiday season. When the holiday is over it will be time to launch into a new year of growth in 2017.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!


Inocucor Technologies Inc., based in Montreal, is an ag biotech company that develops sustainable biological products for agriculture targeting the phyto-microbiome—the seeds, plants, root systems and the soil surrounding them. Inocucor’s first-generation product, Garden Solution®, soon to be re-branded as Synergro, employs live microbes to actively improve the health of the entire phyto-microbiome. Its second product, Synergro Free and future generations of Inocucor products are powerful biological formulations for bio-stimulation, bio-fertility and bio-control targeting mainstream production agriculture.

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