Inocucor Technologies Fact Sheet

Inocucor Technologies is a Montreal-based agriculture biotech company that has developed a new class of patented biological accelerators for the phyto-microbiome or plant microbiome. The fermentation method used by Inocucor Technologies to create its products is similar to that used in winemaking.

Inocucor was founded in 2007 by two Canadian scientists, Dr. Margaret Bywater–Ekegärd and Ananda Lynn Fitzsimmons, who combined their knowledge of the human and plant microbiomes to create biological soil and plant accelerators for agriculture.

Inocucor’s Approach
Most companies operating in this space have focused on growing single microbes that perform one task, such as disease protection. Bywater-Ekegärd and Fitzsimmons believed that combining mixed communities of bacteria and yeasts would create a more robust product for farmers looking for new ways to increase yields, speed maturation times and improve soil health.

Field Studies
In its first two years of field trials for row crops at McGill University, Inocucor’s second-generation bio-stimulant product for large-scale agriculture produced yield increases of at least 10 percent. Inocucor-treated row crops have been shown to outperform untreated crops by as much as 5 bushels per acre in soybean and 16 bushels per acre in corn.

In a 2014 trial with Packman Broccoli by Clemson University’s Sustainable Agriculture Program, Inocucor-treated plants with its first generation product, Garden Solution, out-yielded untreated broccoli by 38 percent. Recent trials can be viewed here.

Inocucor has attracted two rounds of venture capital from Cycle Capital Management, a respected Canadian venture capital firm focused on the clean-tech sector. In early February 2015, Inocucor closed an interim round of financing from Cycle Capital Management with participation from Desjardins-Innovatech, the venture capital unit of one of North America’s leading financial institutions.

Inocucor’s first-generation product, Garden Solution®, can be applied using conventional equipment on large-scale farms as a tank mix with fertilizers and nutrients. It costs the farmer or greenhouse operator from $20 to $40 per hectare, or depending on the crop being treated.

Inocucor’s second- and third-generation products, which will be the main driver of its growth during the next three years, are powerful microbial cell-free formulations that offer solutions for bio-stimulation and better disease management for large-scale production farmers.

Inocucor Technologies Milestones

  • Attracted internationally recognized bioscience veteran Donald R. Marvin as President and CEO. Marvin is best known for co-founding Nasdaq-traded Orchid BioSciences, a pioneer in human DNA identity testing.
  • Participated in the 2014 Ag Innovation Showcase in St. Louis, Missouri, one of the premier events connecting agriculture’s innovators and investors.
  • Met requirements for Inocucor™Garden Solution® to be OMRI Listed® for use in organic production. OMRI is the international Organic Materials Research Institute.
  • Cemented its first commercial strategic partnership with Axter Agrosciences Inc., one of Canada’s leading providers of foliar-feeding crop solutions. That partnership followed positive field test results conducted by Axter with Inocucor’s second-generation product, a cell-free growth stimulant.
  • Signed a research and licensing agreement with McGill University to co-develop a new class of sustainable bio-stimulant products for large-scale corn, soybean, canola and wheat crops.
  • Attracted internationally acclaimed plant scientist Donald R. Smith of McGill University to head Inocucor’s Scientific Advisory Board.
  • Leased 10,000 square feet of office and laboratory space in Montreal’s Technoparc area. The new facility will serve as the company’s headquarter offices, pilot production facility and research laboratories for development of next-generation products.
  • Received approval to sell Inocucor Garden Solution in 24 U.S. states.
  • Attracted Jim Blome, President & CEO of Bayer CropScience L.P. and Head of Crop Protection for its North American region, as Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the Board.
  • Recruited two veteran U.S. agriculture professionals as sales managers in the southeastern U.S. Together, they bring credentials from some of agriculture’s most respected companies, including Valent USA, AgraQuest, BASF, American Cyanamid and Kirin Agribusiness Division, Tokyo.
  • Welcomed Dr. Ted Crosbie, one of the world’s top figures in agronomic research and development, to Inocucor’s Board of Directors. Crosbie served in various roles at Monsanto, including V.P. of Global Plant Breeding and Director of Global Wheat Breeding, from 1996 until his retirement in 2014.

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Inocucor Technologies Inc., based in Montreal, is an ag biotech company that develops sustainable biological products for agriculture targeting the phyto-microbiome—the seeds, plants, root systems and the soil surrounding them. Inocucor’s first-generation product, Garden Solution®, soon to be re-branded as Synergro, employs live microbes to actively improve the health of the entire phyto-microbiome. Its second product, Synergro Free and future generations of Inocucor products are powerful biological formulations for bio-stimulation, bio-fertility and bio-control targeting mainstream production agriculture.

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