Garden Solution Helps Rescue the Rare Tropical Lady Slipper Orchid

by Jan Kral

Our good friend and fellow orchidist Holger Perner sent over an impressive piece he wrote for the Malayan Orchid Review about his eight-year journey to cultivate the rare tropical lady slipper orchid (Paphiopedilum tigrinum). Discovered in 1990 on the western slopes of China’s Gaoligong mountains, the tropical lady slipper was on the verge of disappearing completely due to “ruthless hunting” by commercial collectors following its discovery.

Holger likes a challenge and he loves the tropical lady slipper, so he set up his own greenhouse program to mass-propagate this nearly extinct orchid from seeds. It took nearly a decade of trial and error, but Holger managed to produce several hundred healthy Paph. tigrinum seedlings in the greenhouse.

Garden Solution played an important role in the preservation of this orchid species, as you can read in this excerpt from Holger’s piece:

“With improved cultivation techniques we now have several hundred well- established Paph. tigrinum seedlings in the greenhouse. Besides only using water from reverse osmosis, the regular application of a plant growth stabilizer consisting of living beneficial bacteria and yeast strains (Inocucor Garden Solution, Canada) has increased the survival rate of de-flasked seedlings manifold. With our stock of mother plants we continue to increase production of flasks and thriving seedlings. It feels good to look at the young plants of Paph. tigrinum in our greenhouse, knowing this is truly active ex situ conservation of arguably the rarest of Chinese Paphiopedilum species.”

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