First Rays Teams Up with Inocucor

by Jan Kral

Exciting news for our U.S. greenhouse growers, urban farmers, orchid growers and hydroponic hobbyists.

The esteemed orchid grower and organic fertilizer supplier Ray Barkalow of First Rays LLC is now the primary online retail outlet for Inocucor’s Garden Solution in the U.S. First Rays is a 20-year-old national supplier of organic certified fertilizers, kelp extracts and adjuvants based in Doylestown, Pa.

Ray has experimented with Inocucor’s Garden Solution in his own greenhouse with impressive results. He pledges same-day shipping for orders received through the First Rays website from customers in the 18 states currently approved for Garden Solution.

Ray also plans to publish tips about how to use Garden Solution to the more than 10,000 greenhouse growers, floriculturists, hydroponic growers and urban farmers who are regular First Rays customers.

An engineer with a strong background in botany, Ray speaks regularly at national orchid growing forums. He has seen first-hand the positive effects of Inocucor’s Garden Solution which he calls “plant probiotics.”

Welcome, Ray, to the Inocucor team.


Inocucor Technologies Inc., based in Montreal, is an ag biotech company that develops sustainable biological products for agriculture targeting the phyto-microbiome—the seeds, plants, root systems and the soil surrounding them. Inocucor’s first-generation product, Garden Solution®, soon to be re-branded as Synergro, employs live microbes to actively improve the health of the entire phyto-microbiome. Its second product, Synergro Free and future generations of Inocucor products are powerful biological formulations for bio-stimulation, bio-fertility and bio-control targeting mainstream production agriculture.

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