Biologicals, Biochemicals and Biopesticides: New Resources

Report from Clara Shelton, Marketing Communications Assistant

A recent article published on seeks to explain the differences in types of biopesticides and how they’re used in integrated pest management programs. Michael Larose, of BioSafe systems, explains that the shift to using fewer chemicals has been driven by consumer preference, regulations and the environment, and that lately there are more and more biological and biochemical tools at organic and conventional growers’ disposal.

He lists biopesticide categories, explaining the difference between biochemicals, microbial pesticides, and plant-incorporated-protectants before discussing the beneficial uses of biochemicals and biologicals together. He writes that this is “a major innovation in IPM” that is efficient for growers to implement and beneficial for soil, plants and the environment. While many other articles on this subject zoom out and look at the bigger picture, this article seeks to educate growers on the scientific details of these materials. Read more here.


Inocucor is an agri-tech company that develops powerful natural biological products for agriculture targeting the phyto-microbiome–the seeds, plants, root systems and the soil surrounding them. Inocucor’s first-generation product, Synergro®, employs live microbes to actively improve the health of the entire phyto-microbiome. Its second product, Synergro Free™ and future generations of Inocucor products are powerful biological formulations for bio-stimulation and bio-control targeting high-value crops and mainstream production agriculture.